A:       PTR:       netname: AMAZO-4

Negligible, very low or low salicylate food

(Primary source FCMYI, * TH, ** Mine)



Grain & seed(†)

† Corn starch is called 'cornflour' only in the UK.
   Corn meal (sometimes called 'corn flour') is high in salicylate.

Fat & oil(†)

† Oil should be cold-pressed & preservative free.

Condiment, herb, spice & sweetener



† Yeast extract, e.g. Marmite, is high in salicylate.


29th December 2020:  A large portion of potato chips fried in peanut oil triggered a flare-up like no other.

3rd January 2021:  Began with the list of safe foods included in the UCCS Simple Elimination Diet.

6th January 2021:  Little or no success.  Discovered that sweet potato and coconut oil are both very high in salicylate (the active metabolite in aspirin, to which I am allergic) so I decided to adapt.  As well as moderate- and high-salicylate food, this list also excludes nuts (to which I am allergic) and dairy (to which I am intolerant) even though some nuts and all dairy contain no salicylate.  Fortunately, meat, fish, poultry & eggs are fine, i.e. contain no salicylate, but I should avoid liver & prawns and anything processed, e.g. sausages.

4th February 2021: Some success at last; avoiding salicylate is definitely helping.  Following examination by a consultant dermatologist at UCLH, I have a new skin care regime.  Face: Eumovate cream twice daily for two weeks(†) then Protopic 0.1% ointment daily before bed.  Body: Dermovate ointment once daily for two weeks(†), then on alternate days for two weeks, then at weekends only.

† Start date: 5th February 2021

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